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Orbo Evaluation and Development System ( steorn "free" energy stuff)

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--- Quote from: cybergibbons on October 31, 2010, 11:31:04 pm ---I'd pitch in €20 to see Dave order and test one. Go on Dave, set up some way of accepting donations!

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I'm also in! Eevblog ep 131: get your energy for free (*)  , proudly sponsored by the EevBlogCommunity

(*) 399 Euro application fee applies

Hitler reacts to Steorn's demo and launch of Orbo!

to be honest I'm getting fed up with that clip it's been reused so many times it's no longer funny or innovative (a bit like orb  ;D) the subtitles are up and gone so fast it's hard to follow


--- Quote from: sonicj on November 04, 2010, 11:40:22 pm ---Hitler reacts to Steorn's demo and launch of Orbo!

--- End quote ---
maybe you should keep your mouth shut regarding this, there a lot more "anti-free energy" than "pro-free energy" people, you can either leave the field, or just DIY quietly. ;) Cheers
so far as the OP provided link is concerned, its still in testing and erroring stage, and you need an "oscilloscope to do that", and you need that 399 pound to give away. so, whatever the consequences is... i'm with you ;)


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