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Orbo Evaluation and Development System ( steorn "free" energy stuff)

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Steorn claims to use "time-variant magnetic interaction leads" to result in "a non-conservative energy result"...  ;D

And they now even have "solid state" generators: "Solid State Orbo gains energy via control of a material's inductance and domain rotation. As with all previous implementations of Orbo, these material permeability effects are fundamental to the production of an energy gain. "

They now have a SDK for 399 euro :P

Just mentioning f there here is anyone who ordered it or knows people here who believe in Ufo technology and have this stuff :)

To much mambo jumbo pseudo science speak on that site to have an idea what they claim to have working, so if someone can translate, please do :)

Source: engadget

I found that hackaday also had a entry on the Steorn Orbo stuff, with some nice comments :)

all I can say is that there is a sucker born every minute. people hate taking the time to acquire knowledge and in lacking knowledge they get fooled easily - more fool them.

UFO's most certainly exist but I doubt their technology is anything to do with pseudo science and free energy machines !

According to Wikipedia "Sean McCarthy said that he expected at least 5000 people to pay the €419 licence fee during 2010"

so that's around 2 million €  , not bad as an income  :)

Edit: They even found some chaps who claim to be in electronics / physics to "spread the message"
no info of course whatsoever how this stuff is tested, only a nice 5 sec shot of a scope with some wave form :)

nope not bad, frankly i can't see how people can be so stupid to fall for these things but who cares, it's not my money. Personally I'd like to see more control over these things, it would not take an independent lab more than a couple of hours to put these guys backs to the wall and give then a good thrashing !

Part of the licence agreement probably states that testing in an independent lab would invalidate the licence.


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