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Paralleling power supplies

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Is it fairly common (or safe) to parallel several power supply outputs?  For example, I have an HP dual output power supply and BK Precision single output power supply.  I want to maximize current output to a load, so I set all three outputs to 5V and hook them all up in parallel.  All outputs are isolated from each other.  Does this work?

What other considerations should I keep in mind when doing this?  E.g. source impedance of each output, setting same current limit for each output, etc. ???

Yes, paralleling PSU outputs is quite common and generally it's quite safe to do, as there is usually sufficient output impedance to handle the load sharing. Sometimes though a supply might not like being powered through it's output terminals when it is off or at a substantially lower voltage, so ensure they are the same before connecting or flicking the load switches.


so is that means, both of the following method are safe and can be used?

1) two identical ACDC adapters paralleled together to get double maximum Ampere.
2) two identical voltage regulators paralleled together to get double maximum Ampere.

if paralleling "n" number of devices with "A" ampere maximum for each device, will we get maximum current of (n X A) ampere?

I'm almost certain that scenario number 2 will not work.  I don't think the two regulators will split current evenly.  One will end up hogging all the current.

I once paralleled the two 5V outputs of two computer power supplies and this did not go as planned


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