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PCB etching problems in cold weather


Well obviously I etch in my shed to avoid damaging my house carpet. but with subzero temperatures (naturally just at the weekends) I've found it impossible to etch, it just does not happen. now I did forget my presensitized board in the shed so will this have harmed it ? I developed the exposed board in fairly cold caustic soda, will this have been an issue ? I did have my etching chemical heated with a heater and after a few days the entire board was etched but I could not get it to etch there and then and it started to eat everything including the copper i needed to keep. the board was well exposed.

I think etching sub-zero temps is probably a deal breaker. I have etched at temps in the low 50Fs with room temp ferric chloride without problems, but at some point the reaction just won't work. Maybe you just need to get a space heaters in your shed or do it inside over a large plastic sheet.

well it's not so much the etching it's I think the photoresist not developing, the etching solution was heated up

I used to use hot water and then add my amonium persulphate to that. And to keep it warm I sat the plastic tub in the sink with hot water in the bottom.



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