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Physics vs. Engineering - Trying to figure out my life

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--- Quote from: dmlandrum on August 11, 2010, 04:53:10 am --- I realized some time ago that what will separate me from the crowd is not my academic performance, but what I do in my own time.

--- End quote ---

I can assure you that in almost any case your "academic performance" is almost irrelevant (unless you want to work at a university or so) by the time you are looking for your second job, and if it was relevant for your first job you don't want to stay there because , in general - there are exceptions -, people with "academic performance" are not the ones you need to solve a messy problem or come up with a funcky solution.

I worked personally with a - now former- college who has 3 university degrees, all A- stuff, but he could not come up with any practical solution, bright chap on most stuff, but utterly useless in the job ...

Service and metrology for a power company would best describe what I do (I'm only an apprentice BTW), and for the most part, I love that.
Our design opportunities are few and far between, but repair jobs are pretty good, trying to trace a fault through a device. Some of the service jobs are a bit monotonous, but you'll see different jobs every day. Protection relay test sets, high-voltage phase-out testers, DMMs, 'scopes, plus the rest. If you want hands-on work, I'd recommend it!

It's just a trick in finding an employer that doesn't promote board jockey-ing :P


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