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Well, first of all , I liked to see if the Poll function works..  ;D

And second , by knowing the groups of age, of the participants in this forum ,
its a tool to help us all , so to keep the future conversations in a level , that the most of you will feel comfortable with.

You have to vote first, so to able to see the results.
And after your vote , just reply with the text " ok " as minimum.
1 Vote for user ... use it correctly.
The poll will end in 60 days , and its anonymous , like most Forum Polls.


32-35 is missing, so I can't vote...  ;D

Strange too, how there are 8 categories for 8-50, and anyone over 51 is lumped together.
I presume the OP is under 50!

Ah well , yes the artist make the mistake about the 35 ,
there is no edit option for the poll.
If you are 35 vote at the 36 group ,  you will became 36 sooner or later ..  ;D

About the  50+ , I had in mind that experts in the age of above 50, they are not considered to had lack of knowledge in most areas , and they can follow easily any subject of conversation.

Edit:   ;)


I think you meant "lack of knowledge" not luck


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