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Poll : The multimeter Brand that you favor Most in the last 10 Years.

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Well I will ask from all of you, to think hard and vote , for the brand that gained your trust by offering you  an true reliable multimeter, that you own it from 3 to 10 years as minimum.  

Factors under consideration .

1) Value for money.
2) Stable behavior.
3) Readability of the Display
4) Durability - housing - selector
5) Pricing of services like calibration. (if available )
6) Pricing of parts , if you ever needed any.  (if available )
7) Quality of after sale service.  (if available )
8 ) Friendly response from the manufacturer.  (if available )

Unfortunately due software limitations you have only one Vote ..

Still, if you feel that you have to express your admiration for more than one Brand  ( Not Models )
please do so by an replying message .
And add the Brand of the DMM , and the reason that gained your admiration.

Be aware :

This is not an "wish list"  voting ..
This is not an  " International competition "  to fight for your flag.
This is not an chance for sellers to promote new brands.

Every message reply that it would considered as tricky , it will be reported and get deleted in the spot.

If you do not have the minimum of three years of ownership of an DMM ,
by voting  you are effecting the results by a negative manner.

Thank you ...    


Other than the one that I had vote for .

I do favor and my UNIT-T small size DMM , it had survive for about 12 years in my tool case,
and even if it is an simplified version, its still good to go, from any technical aspect.

I am very new Fluke owner, so I do not have an personal opinion for it yet.

METEX... because it just works ™ .... for 15 years now and counting...

Sanwa is a Japanese brand known mostly in Asia.  Its been around for over 40 years, and was once the most popular affordable analog meter there before DMM.  Some models sold at Radio Shack were rebadged Sanwas, although the current crop of DMM there are Extech.

Sanwa's current version:

Radio Shack version sold in the mid 2000s:

well I'm out ! still looking for a meter to last 3+ years


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