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--- Quote from: Cyberdragon on June 12, 2021, 07:32:31 am ---

--- End quote ---
The above topic was renamed "Andy/Photonicinduction Alive And Well" shortly after it was first posted, when its originator realized he'd been mislead by a vicious Youtube troll.

Unfortunately the SMF forum software doesn't (and can't) change the URL when the originator renames a topic as doing so would break all external and cross-topic links to it.

TLDR: Andy is 100% fine.

Obviously OP understands this, he saw the videos. Just pointing out that it's already a thread. Unfortunate about the URL but as you said, it's permanent now.

Yep. However you *could* have linked it as:

--- Code: ---[url=]General Technical Chat: Andy/Photonicinduction Alive And Well[/url]
--- End code ---
to avoid posting the unfortunate raw URL 'in your face' without an explanation. 

Now, it matters not as I saw fit to explain the URL to anyone else reading this.

N.B. SMF breaks auto-linked URLS if they contain ! (and IIRC some other symbols), and the number of broken URLs that I have see here due to failure to put whitespace after an auto-linked URL, is totally ridiculous, so its as well to be in the habit of explicitly using URL tags in your posts.


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