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I've been watching BilliSpeaks since you mentioned it last year. Her apparent overloading of the 'Squirrel' button with both the abstract animal and a nickname for a human friend was particularly fascinating. Months later she pressed 'Cuddle' with 'Squirrel', which seemed to indicate that the concept was firmly established in her mind (one doesn't cuddle a prey animal). I do wonder how much of it is editing, anthropomorphising or the 'Clever Hans' effect though.

My cat has a particular dislike of mirrors. There's one mirror in the house hanging on a wall between two windows. He will often sit on the dressing table in front and stare into it. He'll look at my reflection and then turn around and look at me, clearly annoyed (ears back, tail flicking, irritated yawn). There can't be another room behind that 'window' (it would be hanging in space above the driveway) and how am I in two places at once? Troubling stuff. I did once take the mirror down to show him the other side, but it didn't seem to help. He's one of the most intelligent cats that we've owned, but there definitely are hardware limits.

There is a nice little book by John Gray:

"Feline philosophy, cats and the meaning of life". I bought it after a preview on youtube.

And Smarttags are not waterproof, so I've got RTV gasket applied.

Ok, ok....But this is last time I pose for a picture  >:(

Harley is now a few months old and growing fast.

"This is now my lab and I expect to be petted on demand"

What Harley doesn't know is that at the end of this month his testicles will be terminated. Don't tell him.  :-DD

Liking this pic of Harley more:


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