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Post a picture of your Fuse Box

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Here's one from my personal collection.....  A few weeks after we moved in to a previous house, we had some dimming in the lights in a couple rooms when using the vacuum cleaner.  While troubleshooting I had went through and changed some sketchy stab-in outlets thinking there might be issues there, but a few weeks later, the power in those rooms went completely out.    The reality was that the problem was in the main load center.    The panel was in an unconditioned attached garage where the previous owners had been venting their dryer.  I turns out that a lot of really cold metal (northern MN) causes a lot of condensation, which in turn causes oxidation and corrosion to the point where the one of the breakers had done a good job at arching away the buss bar tabs over time. 


--- Quote from: Circlotron on October 07, 2022, 12:45:06 pm ---Occasionally you see pics like the following. Will be interesting to see if someone from a country that doesn't appear to have standards and regulations posts what their fuse box looks like.

--- End quote ---

I lived in Brazil the major part of my life. Some places, I mean some "neighborhoods" (the poorer ones, principally the "favelas") you can find things like this.
I can't say with certain, but from my experience when you see a "pole" like that, means that 2 or 3 cables enter the house, and there isn't even the Fuse Box. Sometimes there is only the Main one at arrival, and all the house is connected to that.
Normally you would also find that in these cases the wires sections are very scary...

Here's one in a school we're building an extension for at the moment. Yes, the fuse carrier is completely missing, and yes, it is a live 3ph board.

Black Phoenix:
It will be fine... Just don't stick anything inside...

Let's bring back this thread. I wanted to post it a few months back  :-DD
Here is the actual fuse box (that box on the pole). As it is required to have actual fuses before the main circuit breaker if something goes horribly wrong.
So there are NH fuses rated at about 2-3 times the circuit breaker current.


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