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Because everyone (rightly) laughs at my home fuse box, let's start a new thread where you can post a picture of your fuse box.
And because everyone asks, no my fuse box is not up to current standards ans is not how new home fuse boxes are done in Australia that I am aware of.
So I'd be particually intested in seeing other more modern aussie fuse boxes.
Mine is circa 1986.
The box with the 4 breakers in it is a relatively modern addition from like 7 years ago I think, that "upgrade" was done when my old ELCB failed.
Not the two yellow switch ones middle left are modern electronic breakers inserted into the original ceramic fuse holders. You can buy these commonly at hardware stores and plug into existing old wire fuse receptacles.
The main 60A incoming switch is the back switch next to them.
So I have single phase 60A. Not sure if the wiring to my house is capable of more than 60A.
The old mechnical kWh meter on the right is no longer used, nor is the off-peak ripple detection receiver below it.

Well it looks very organized in the front and easily accessible to get to the back.

I have seen a really old one in a shop 10 years ago that was falling apart. The fuse kept on blowing and I traced it to a spur that connected to an outside toilet in the back where that had collapsed.

It said on the fusebox in Wylex 1936 and the mouldings look like they were imperfect like they were done by hand. It card a kind of cardboardy thing on the cover that covered the fuses modules.

The fuse were wires that wrapped around the modules.

Taken after a lightning storm had damaged some of my test equipment.

My one on the house is the same. Actually prolly worse since the meters got changed.

The problem is what begins with just a meter box with a handful of ceramic fuses eventually turns into a meter box/switchboard, solar-power extravaganza.

However, as soon as one bloke runs a wire from here to there without 'routing' it nicely, everyone else from then on turns it into spaghetti. And it's hard to justify fixing if it isn't broken.

Putting large din boxes on hinged meter boards should be dealt with by testicle removal of the offender. With a rusty chisel.

Keep an eye out for the mandatory type A circuit breakers required from 2023 for new work and upgrades.

For new houses, the solution can be elegant, but often the owner/developer had just supplied the old tried and true. New rules are coming in because the old system is outdated and plastic mounting boxes aren't the answer.

Meter box/ Switch box combo:

Space for the smart meters and service fuses. Din rail for all the cool shit. Seal around the door.  :-+

edit: water and ingress seal, not fire seal.

For retro fits, if you can be bothered to get the meters relocated, I've seen one where they constructed something like this from a old meter box basically only really keeping the box and the hinges. A new back-board and the bottom hinge gets moved up, I dunno, 8 inches.


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