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Every Good magician in electronics , hides some special Chemicals under the hood   ;D

In Greece the most know line of such spray products, are the made by Philips ones.

Degreaser Cleaner  with oil - with out .
Freezing ones .
Relay contacts cleaners.
etc etc .. 

Name your own selection for its  task ..
Brand + code

Copy paste if it helps .

Fader - Degreaser Cleaner  with oil............
Fader - Degreaser Cleaner  with out oil.......
Freezing spray ......................................
Relay contacts cleaners..........................
Other  useful  to you .............................

I use Kontakt 60 spray to clean corroded electrical contacts, dusty potentiometers and stuff like that. It works really well. Manufactured by Kontakt Chemie.
Other spray produced by same manufacturer is Positiv 20 photoresist, I use that to make PCB's.

Freezing spray -good substitute is regular 'canned air' handled upside down  ;D  I use cheapest available, Sigma branded.

Other chemicals, various solvents for cleaning. Ethanol as general purpose cleaner, acetone for tougher stuff and ethyl acetate as best flux remover (but also dissolves various kind of plastics, so be careful).

I am aware of "Kontakt Chemie" as manufacturer .

And actually are equally good with the Philips ones.  :)

Even so , I am still interested to see what the planet uses as alternative solutions.
Plus, to find out witch ones worths to be bought, as  "ml VS cost" ratio.

Most of them are very expensive , with few ml in them.   

i thoughtr WD40 was good for cleaning contacts and potentiometers

potentiometers are a sensitive beast ..  ;D

Usually if the cleaner its not suitable for the job, the potentiometer will start having again bad contact issues.
I would use WD40, only in a emergency.

Contacts is another animal , those sprays usually just freezing the contacts, hopping that the carbon layer on the metal contact will be removed , by the systole or diastole of the metal it self.
The carbon can not follow the movement, so its just separates for the metal..    


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