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Power supply for Quadcopter

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I'm building a Quadcopter similar to this While I'm tweeking the settings I would like to run the electronics and motors off the mains. I have a bench adjustable power supply (Mastech HY3003D) but it is only rated for up to 3A. Based on the specs of the motors (, which I'm still waiting for, each motor can draw up to 18Amps at 11V :o.  When I get them, I'm going to run them off the battery and hook them up to my multimeter to see the actual draw. But if the specs are right, and we multiply it out...
4 (motors) * 18A = 72A
72A * 11V = 792W :o

According to the web site I'm basing my designs off of the battery ( I ordered should be enough.

I can't really justify spending $$$ on a bench power supply that goes that high. I've build power supplies in the past that go up to 2-3Amps but this is way out of my league. Does anyone have any thoughts on where I can get a high amp power supply that outputs 11V for cheap?  I've looked into ATX computer power supplies 12V output but the motors specifically say 11V max.

Connect a diode or two in series with the ATX power supply.


--- Quote from: NiHaoMike on July 29, 2010, 02:05:05 pm ---Connect a diode or two in series with the ATX power supply.

--- End quote ---

Thats going to be one hell of a diode to handle 72 amps.

I think your best off just testing things from the batteries and nixing the power supplies. Most power supplies (even those expensive ones) are usually designed for steady state power output and don't like heavy transient operation that your quadcopter is going to produce.

EDIT: The motor you linked to is rated up to a 3S1P lipo pack. Thats 22.2 volts, not 11. Do your self a favor and design your quadcopter based on a 22.2v battery supply and not 11v. It will make your copter lighter and more efficient. Ignore this. Although, using a 22.2v system would still be better.

Use individual diodes, one per motor.


--- Quote from: TopherTheME on July 29, 2010, 05:19:36 pm ---Thats going to be one hell of a diode to handle 72 amps.

--- End quote ---
put 72 nos of 1A rated diode in parallel :D it happened i was about to reply just after nihaomike's post, but i have no strong reason for it... now, it was just a question of why do you want the mains power supply? why dont a battery? whatever... lipo? LAcid? mains psu is less portable ???

and you are going to need larger than normal ATX PSU (more expensive), at least 750W, i think it should be 1000W to take into account the loss factor, and if its 12V you are using. 22V? @ 72A? thats 1.5K++ watt! cray zee!

i think that one quadcopter can lift a man  :o


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