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I am looking for a few articles published in ICCD '87, related to Symbolics Ivory processor. I cannot find any electronic copy of the proceedings, maybe it is not digitized. I also cannot find the printed version in the university library. By chance anyone has a copy of it or the articles ?

Proceedings - 1987 IEEE International Conference on Computer Design: VLSI in Computers & Processors.; Rye Brook, NY, USA

The Symbolics I-Machine Architecture
B. Edwards, G. Efland. N. Weste

The Symbolics Ivory Design Methodology
C, Baker j. Cherry, K. Reti. S. Sarrazin, H. Shrobe, D. Tan. C. Terman. N. Weste

The Symbolics Ivory Design and Verification Strategy
N. Weste, Chr. Terman, H. Shobe, D. Sarrazin, D. Tan, K. Reti, E. Nestler, H. Minsky, A. Corry, J. Cherry, C. Baker

not good but a readable scan of the one below can be found on the internet.
The Symbolics Ivory Processor A 40-Bit Tagged Architecture LISP CPU
C. Baker. D. Chan, j. Cherry, A. Corry, G. Efland. B. Edwards. M. Matson, E Nestler, K. Reti, D. Sarrazin, C. Sommer, D. Tan. N. Weste


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