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Hi, do you know a good freeware to make schematics that can be saved on pdf format ?

Please do not mention Eagle, since I cannot use it on my computer.


I use Qucs for simulations and stuff. (Not very much, as it's a lot more fun to play with real components.) For drawing schematics, I generally use paper and scanner since I use a lot of "special" parts.

Nihao xie xie.

I forgot to mention I have Windows 7.

For a quick and dirty schematic there's a few options.

I have a copy of Klunky I use. It can be used online or as a download.
LTSpice and other free spice simulators can give you a nice schematic to work with.

You can always use screen capture (print screen key copies to clipboard, paste into drawing program like paint) or window capture (same but with alt + pscr) to get a picture to work with, and then embed it into a pdf. I'm not sure I know of anything that has a native pdf export.

Hope that helps. :)

For exporting to PDF, i use CutePDF. Every time you want to print something, you press the print in the application you want, and then select the Cute PDF writer as the printer. Instead of printing to a real printer, it'll make a pdf file for you.


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