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Protek 608


I think after reading all the specs i might be sold on this meter. Any opinions on Protek and this version of digital multimeter as far as quality and dependabilty?

I've had one of these for a couple of months now.  Got it to replace my twenty-five year old Simpson 260.  I'm certainly no expert but it seems to be made decently, and when I get a voltage reference, I'll know a bit more about how accurate it is.  I can't use the data logging feature until I upgrade my computer so I don't know about that yet. It doesn't feel like some of the cheap meters I've held.  But it doesn't feel like a Fluke 87V either.  I wish it would have come with alligator clips because I'm looking to get some, but so far no luck.  I even sent an e-mail to Protek but got no response.  I guess when you buy stuff made in China, that's what you can expect.  I hope this helps with your decision.


Jim - Semper Fi


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