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Personally if it were my forum I would disable signatures in the forum software, ban all auto-generated signature and discourage people from even signing off with their name at the end of a message.  These mechanisms are not relevant to internet message boards where your identify, profile picture, and personal text are already available to the left of every post, and where the forum software clearly delineates message boundaries.

But it isn't my board.  Just my $.02

It's already happened!
When I first came here,I had been on for ages,where tacking your callsign on at the end of a posting is normal.
I carried this habit over here,& got "hauled over the coals" by one of the resident grumps! ;D
Note that I don't do it any more!

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Are you trying to "out-grump" Bored At Work,Uncle Vernon,& myself?

Naah, can't beat all of you, just started in junior league, especially like BAW that even brags his constantly grumpy nature by putting it at his signature, how could anyone beat that ?  ;D. .. LOL

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