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Quality of academic papers

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I sometimes wonder about academic papers.
Can anybody see the problem with this graph?

not a big fan of the choice of x-axis scale numbers.

I have recently redrawn a figure from an electronics "textbook", with only partial success :palm:

Edited to add observation: three of the lines in the key don't represent any lines on the graph

My point was that the legend does not match the graph lines.

Alex Eisenhut:

--- Quote from: Circlotron on December 06, 2022, 09:34:43 am ---My point was that the legend does not match the graph lines.

--- End quote ---
Not only that but the graph gives me that optical illusion flashing points effect.

I used to enjoy the AES, SMPTE, IEEE paper's 

Last decade the papers fall into two horrible categories 

1. student ( usually from Asia) need to have a published paper
Useless research poorly explained and expressed 

2. thinly veiled product advertising or announcement disguised as an academic paper.

Just the ramblings of an old retired EE 



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