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Quality software from China?

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Every time we think of chinese goods, we think of inferior products. But what do you guys think of softwares coded from China and India? I am interested because software doesn't require any tangible raw materials, so it can't be made with inferior materials. So do you think China and India's software is on par with their western counterpart or not?

This depends on the UI mostly, and the user manual and help files.  Nothing is more annoying than trying to find help only to see half ass translated documentation and UI...    Same goes for help centers for various products out there.  The number 1 complaint I hear from my clients about <insert company here> is when they call the help line and get someone in India or another country and they do not speak English or that they do and their accent is so thick you cannot understand them. 

Language barriers are a pita.

Whatever you do, ensure there are rigid payment milestones. That is, when the team has completed something to *your* standard, then they get paid.

ThunderSqueak, thanks for reminding me about poorly coded user interface. I almost forgot about that.

Anyways, I am just wandering because programming and engineering jobs are moving overseas quite rapidly. The other day, I saw on youtube a small philippines company showcasing their point of sale software for business.  I thought it sucks, but maybe the local businesses there might like it.

Yes ,of course!


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