Author Topic: Risk of seizure in EU of importing non RoHS compliant Test Equipment from USA?  (Read 2056 times)

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I know a company that is producing non-rohs products since the conception of rohs up to today, there is not even CE on the products. Literally nobody cares.
And no, the products were never rohs or ce exempt.

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Realistically nobody is ever going to get caught unless they are shipping container loads of stuff that is non-compliant. I've never heard of an individual having any trouble importing a non-ROHS device, if you tried to send 1,000 of them at once that may get a little more attention but even then that's small potatoes.

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IIRC somebody recently reported in another thread that German customs may sometimes confiscate privately imported devices if they lack a goddamn CE sticker. Possibly what the OP is alluding to in the third paragraph.
North/West Europe is admittedly a little special place :box:

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When  i imported an old 400 MHz HP fiber light receiver from USA last year, a german customs agent started asking about CE, without mentioning ROHS. I explained that was old lab equipment which cost a fortune when new and that i bought it for our lab. I also remember saying the power consumption was low, don't know why. They let me proceed, just paying EU import VAT. Of course, this was about € 150 or 200.

Regards, Dieter

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How will Brexit affect the rules for ROHS and CE marking of goods imported into the UK?

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How will Brexit affect the rules for ROHS and CE marking of goods imported into the UK?

Probably very little for some time at least.  I believe the intention is to follow all the EU rules wrt goods produced and manufactured to minimize barriers to trading with the EU.  Things may diverge eventually but probably not for many years.

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The document is long and complicated enough that I'd ignore my interpretation and read it yourself if it's important to you.

It seems that you don't even have to import an item for it to have been 'made available to the market'.

A product is made available on the market when supplied for distribution, consumption or use on the Union market in the course of a commercial activity, whether in return for payment or free of charge.46 Such supply includes any offer for distribution, consumption or use on the Union market which could result in actual supply (e.g. an invitation to purchase, advertising campaigns).
The document and its intentions seem pretty clear to me. Manufacturers, distributors, sellers who habitually put their products on the market are subject to the rules regardless of their location. A seller who sells a unique thing (not a widely commercial product) to a buyer who intends to use it for personal use and not to resell it is not subject to those rules. The intent seems pretty clear to me and everything I read there matches.

Laws and regulations are interpreted according to what they say textually (unless that is impossible). I really do not see the confusion. Just read what it says.

Not speaking about this issue but just in general: I really do not understand how people can come up with convoluted interpretations of laws when the meaning can be easily construed just by reading what they say. The world is full of "sovereign citizens" and all sorts of crazy people who interpret the written word in ways that make no sense to me or to lawyers or judges. And these people insist they are right and the judges are wrong. Your Honor, I am not driving, I am traveling. It's a weird world full of weird people.
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Especially since no one has experience this being a problem.

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