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Quick question, do cheap "amplified speakers" still exist

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Alex Eisenhut:
Like the one I had as a kid in the 1980s

Everything now is either some Bluetooth thing or 200-300$ boom box. I just want a cheap and cheerful analog mono thing (20$?) that I can put on my electronics tinkering bench with little to no worries about blowing it up because it's easily repairable.

Something I can use to check audio outputs, or poke around random circuits to get sound with an analog input jack. Battery powered would be sweet too.

I don't want to use my Creative T20s for this... The eBay item is like 80$ with shipping.


Neomys Sapiens:
Maybe the thing for the task:

If you're up to it, try:

I was able to bread-board this circuit in less than a half-hour with junk-bin parts.
I used some random darlingtons for the output transistors (which need to add 2 series diodes for D1L and D2L) and a TL072 dual op amp.
FYI: a LM358 sounds horrible.  Use the TL071 single op amp package for a mono version.
It produces ~3W into 4ohms with a ±12V supply.
The most expensive part was the CA$15 Hammond die-cast case.

Many cheap Bluetooth speakers also have 3.5mm input.


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