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Radio project ideas
« on: April 23, 2014, 10:24:51 pm »
Hi, I've got a little free time coming up, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of projects to tackle or essential kit I am missing? So far:

hacked ds1052e scope
rtl-sdr dongle
in the middle of making an ad9850 signal generator
in the middle of making a feed-through 50ohm bnc terminator
no antennae/rf equipment, looking for pointers on what is fun to play with

I'm only really making the signal generator because I have one of the £4 ebay boards to play with (planning on etching a proper board with real chip when I have the avr controller working nicely). I have a big pile of bnc connectors and altoid tins for boxes and would like ideas of useful circuits to make for rf/general electronics. Sorry for the vague post, I just want some ideas so I can order parts ready for the summer as opposed to my normal "wait until I have free time, watch free time evaporate while I wait for things to ship from china"

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