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Raspberry Pi Shortage?

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I figured that such a large supplier would have their shortage supply lines figured out by now but I still can't find RPis at anything less than double retail price.

I need a few for my university club and its very nerve racking relying on the sole RPi we have left for all our testing.

Availability of Raspberry Pis has always been uncertain, I think it's on purpose. It's been one of the numerous issues utilizing it in professional installations.

I'm surprised how fast things ran out. I got some two months ago with no problems. Now it's next shipments "Expected 2022-01-20" 4GB Mouser.
PiShop Canada prices have stayed the same but recent "NOTICE: Due to the global shortage we currently have a limit of one board per customer per month..."

"More stock available to supplier lead times which is approximately 28/11/22" lol, hopefuly a typo there.


--- Quote from: thm_w on October 15, 2021, 09:39:15 pm ---28/11/22" lol, hopefuly a typo there.

--- End quote ---

Don't count on it. Have a look at the stock and lead times at your favourite reputable distributor for any complex ICs - microprocessors, FPGAs, that kind of thing.


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