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Recommend me a LC/LCR Meter!


Hi guys, i am now in search of a handheld inductance meter. probably something not so expensive? and do those chinese meter works?  ::)

You could build one yourself...

There‚Äôs a nice project (LCF meter) in the February 2004 issue of Everyday Practical Electronics.  :)

If you really want to buy one, you can buy the TH2821A, TH2821B, or TH2821 from TongHui in Ebay. Personally, I never heard that company name but I bought one. The meter construction looks cheap but its' capacitance and resistance measurements are as accuracy to the fluke I have.

Anyway, if you running in low budget. You better build your own. You will learn more by building one. ;D

Feel free to share your experience building one.   :D


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