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Redundant Phones, & corporate Influences!!

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The 'topic' here is truly broad spectrum, sorry...

The 'CommBank', (to outsiders, one of our Countries Major Banking infrastructures, "The Commonwealth Bank of Australia"),yy
has 'updated' it's 'Phone-Banking' .APP for our Phones... Well & good, NOT!  I can log on to my Bank on-line from my Laptop etc., and that's fine!
I can view all my Accounts details, and make Payments if/when I choose... but 'SOME' functions require the sending of a 'NetCode' to my Phone,
for me to verify first... OK... I understand this security step, as many organizations use such a step to 'verify' who you are, linked to your phone... 

MOST Companies/Departments, usually do this via a simple 'SMS' text msg to your phone, but no longer the 'Comm-Bank' !!   :(
They still utilize such 'Codes', but NOW it requires logging in to your Phone-App to see the 'Code' that you need to quote to complete the transaction!
Ok... That's more of a pain... Except now you have to use their 'Latest' App version to work, and my $700 Samsung-S4 (then) is no longer good enough
to install/update their bloody APP !!!!  It has Android Ver. 5 but needs at least Android Ver. 6, and can 'not' be simply updated....   >:D

So NOW, myself & my 'missus', (we have the same phones that I paid cash for, not on a 'plan'), can not even perform on-line transactions, without me being
forced to buy new phones/OS-Versions, just so I can do basic business transactions!!!  Well, 'F.U.' Comm bank. Others don't do this to long standing customers!
I spent an hour & half on the phone, trying to perform a simple transaction (UN-resolved!. Not any more though, am changing Banks after 45 years!)

The 'follow-on' to this, is that a lot of 'Programmers' today could not give a flying fuck about backward-compatibility, and must literally think...
"Well, so update your Hardware & Software then!..."   For those who think I'm just not understanding new tech requirements though,  I'm 'NOT' talking
about new technology software better aimed at defeating crime/fraud etc... All well and good!!  I'm talking about a 'Platform' where obviously one extra level
of Security is to 'verify' who you are, by having to access your Phone/Number TOO, as all others do via a Text 'SMS' message to your phone, for a 'Code'...  :phew:

I've now reviewed ways of totally re-setting ones 'S4' phones, via various external (illegal Who Gives a Fuck!) methods, to still have a FULLY functional 'Samsung-S4'
phone set up with Android-10, and all the Apps you want!!!  Lost Guarantee?? Who gives a fuck. Will explain later for those interested!   :-+

It's the common Android update disaster. Banks over here all require some additional authorization/verification for a long time. The current authorization methods are an app or a hardware token (more secure). So customers can choose which method to use and they may also add multiple app IDs or hardware tokens to one account.

I honestly don't understand why you 'use' a lot of 'single quotation' marks in your posts, along with random boldface.

In non-US English-speaking countries, "-quotation marks are nested inside '-quotation marks, while in the US it is typical to nest '-marks inside "-marks.
For example,  "He called me a 'Yankee' online", she complained.


--- Quote from: TimFox on October 28, 2021, 03:36:03 pm ---In non-US English-speaking countries, "-quotation marks are nested inside '-quotation marks, while in the US it is typical to nest '-marks inside "-marks.
For example,  "He called me a 'Yankee' online", she complained.

--- End quote ---

Sure, yeah, but that's not what I'm getting at. Glenn just sprinkles single-quote marks around random words for no apparent reason.


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