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Hi there i would like to know from which e-stores you buy electronic components. I live in Greece, if they have free shipping or really small shipping cost is a major bonus

Thanks all

Well ,  I had start getting common stuff  like banana plugs and 9V clips or mini switches ,
directly from ebay & China ..
But even so , I buy some quantity like minimum 20 items from its type.

I have found also many German shops at the German ebay , lots of stuff at low prices.

There is no simple answer about the three or four known web stores, about pricing and shipping,
all of them have deferent policy s , and all the shipments does pass from the Greek customs. 

If you go for free shipping , you will have to buy quantity , and the medium amount of money ,
it will trigger the Greek customs.   


Mouser and Digikey have free shipping over something like €65 for some European countries, not sure about Greece. Farnell and RS (not to be confused with Radioshack) may be active in Greece, and may even sell to individuals. Some Chinese shops like Seeedstudio (not that cheap for components) or Sure Electronics have reasonable shipping, but I wouldn't call them reliable, I wouldn't use them for anything were counterfeit parts would be an issue or you need accurate specs.

In Germany, Reichelt is pretty large and cheap, but they really dislike foreign orders (minimum order quantity €150 last time I checked).

I've had good luck with these guys. Not the fastest shippers, but the orders have always been right and the parts good.

Mouser and Digikey are the best for me.  I order in the morning and its here 2 days later (United States).


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