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I would like first to thanks Renesas for such an event that anybody could participate, and the free gifts are great.
However i hoped that i will not have problems with the shipping process, but i have. Today the package reached the greek airport and i was telephoned and informed about the taxes, that i already know that there would be taxes, but couldn't think that they will charge 160.41 Euro for importing the package. The price of the dev board and the book is 250 dollars or in euro 190 Euro, nearly as the price of the taxes it is unbelievable. I was thinking of rejecting the package because it is too much and i would prefer spending those moneys into more useful items, like a scope. That do you think?

Please write if others had to pay taxes for the dev board? How much?

I thought that Renesas competition is for North America only?

In any case, I would simply reject the package and send one email of apology to Renesas explaining what hapened.
Greedy stupid customs official! Another possibility is that transport company is trying to squeeze aditional funds from you, by claiming some "taxes, stamps, certificates..." cost. If you reject the package and they sudenly say "OK, we managed to evade custom duty, since this is educational, personal use, bla bla", you know they've been playing you.

This sort of thing us usually caused by the sender not thinking when filling out customs values - the US has a high duty-free threshold so not often an issue for them, and they don't realise it's different elsewhere.
If it was free they should declare it as Sample-NCV or similar.
You should definitely inform Renesas about this.

Renesas has written on the package that this item is free for the customer but has value of 250 dollars. So my stupid country thinks that i paid 250 dollars. The transport company send me the cost of the taxes and they justify the costs. 82.41 Euro, more than the half are "Pay for the custom broker"!!! F~!@# stealers..

--- Quote from: Nermash on November 30, 2010, 05:09:32 pm ---I thought that Renesas competition is for North America only?

--- End quote ---
No the Renesas RX contest is for everywhere you are, the free board program that they had before the contest is limited to North America and somewhere else, I dont remember.

Tomorrow I will discover how much I will have to pay for the DevKit.
I was contacted by FedExp Italy BEFORE the parcel left the USA:
I sent them some links showing that the price advertised is 99USD, but I got for free.
I hope they will not charge too much money. I will keep you informed.


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