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Sal Ammoniac:
I've got an old Drobo NAS here at home that is 15 years old. Now that Drobo is out of business and support is no longer available, I need to replace it with something more modern before it fails and takes my data with it.

Rather than buying another commercial NAS, I've been thinking about building a FreeBSD box, adding a bunch of disks, and configuring them as a ZFS pool. Has anyone done this? Is it a good idea?

Yes, for the last couple of years until a few weeks ago I've been running TrueNAS Core which is a FreeBSD based NAS. I'm now running TrueNAS Scale which is Debian based.
Both have performed well with no issues.

+1 for TrueNAS. Very simple out-of-the-box solution with enterprise features. I've been using it since the start of FreeNAS. Absolutely rock solid.

Just build up a PC running Proxmox. Doesn't have to be very fancy, I have one running on an i5-7500.

Another vote for TrueNAS. I’ve been running FreeNAS (the old name of the free community version) and TrueNAS Core for over seven years without any issues or data loss. I currently have two servers: one old rack mounted DIY build and another TrueNAS Mini appliance from iXsystems.

Bear in mind that ZFS, with all its great features, is intolerant to crashes, and there is a near-zero chance of recovering a corrupt ZFS pool. So make sure you back up your unique data to another device or into the cloud. If you build your own NAS, pay close attention to hardware recommendations and best practices, such as ECC RAM, UPS.


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