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Reputable Stores for UV Eye Protection?

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I purchased a Convoy S2+ UV flash light, which has a very powerful Nichia UV LED, peaks at around 365 nm.

Had a brief play with it, but then I decided to put the play on hold until i get eye protection conforming to Australian standards.

Does anyone have recommendations for reputable stores that stock UV eye gear?

Get a pair of sunglasses that claims to block UV, then use a bit of fluorescent material to verify that it does block UV.

Yellow hunting/shooting glasses will block UV without dimming other light much.  Sometimes they are sold as "driving" glasses as by blocking UV, other objects become more easily seen.

Also need a bit of side protection if using indoors, incedential reflections from the side can be an issue, but more so with focused beams such as UV Lazers. 365nm Flashlights should be generally fine if the refelected beam isn't too bright. You would certainly want protection from incidentally viewing the emitter itself.

I bought a 12v Class 4 UV lazer from China for etching on my 3D printer. It proved FAR more powerful than descibed in the listing. It's curious how much energy can be emmited from palm sized solid state device. The basic glasses provided were vastly insuffeceint .. They were green tinted plastic at best, that you would get with a Class 2 Red laser level.

AntiProtonBoy, I wouldn't piss about with sunglasses or anything half-arsed. I can recommend laser goggles from Edmund Scientific in the US and Thor Labs in Europe, you should be able to find a pair that suit both wavelength and energy level. They cost around $100 in Europe, worth the price if you ask me.

If you use inadequate UV protection you might not notice anything immediately, but you could get snow-blindness after some time. Basically sunburn of the cornea. I had it as a student using mercury vapour lamps and it was not very pleasant.

I'd be careful if I were you!


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