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Resistor color chart that you favor most ...

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Well my old  " Resistors color chart"   , that I usually have glued on my lab wall , died from age ..

If you have find one well designed , and like to share it ...

Just attach it on this thread ..  :)

All I need is my iphone and iResistor (Or something similar)

Do you glued it, at your wall too ?   ;D ;D

Do not let the software to effect your life that much... friendly advice ..  ;)

If you really want a poster, use velcro:

My advice, enjoy all the benefits of new tecnologies


--- Quote from: shafri on May 22, 2010, 08:00:03 pm ---its still on my wall :)

--- End quote ---

If you do not take a picture of it , I will send Greek Ninjas , to take the wall with anything on it ...  :P  :D :D


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