Author Topic: Restricting Access or Repair Of Customer Owned Equipment Ethical?  (Read 6364 times)

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Re: Restricting Access or Repair Of Customer Owned Equipment Ethical?
« Reply #25 on: September 12, 2012, 06:48:57 am »
There is another bit of data that the manufacturers have calculated imo (and you do not have to agree) .

Back in the old VCR days before the Tape is in LED sensors for example , those little incandescent globes instead , the very basic scenario is a vcr hardly used and the globe pops so vcr don't work , send it in , someone replaces the globes at 20 cents each and the total bill to the consumer is half to 2/3 price of a new vcr eg:$100 +/- but they say we fixed that or this and re-tuned it etcetera , those company's new this happened and gave the "product" a bad name imo = Led's and other means(chuck away/replace unit) to stop the ripoff!

Another example is vehicles and since day dot too , service and spark-plug replacement (and other stuff) , many a time one gets charged for spark-plugs and many a time the old ones are still in and that goes back to the 1920's , also the Ford XD and later models saga just for 1 example , ie:the short vacuum hose to the auto box , a $2 dollar short piece of bent rubber hose has cost $600 to alot of unknowing people for a reconditioned auto as the kick-down and change-up was playing up and "needed a reco box" which was never fitted and just a $2 bit of rubber hose was fitted , some never even cleaned the old auto-box underneath to make it seem it was a "new one", the bit of rubber hose got oil on it from the rocker cover at the rear seeping where the steel vacuum pipe was running past and the oil followed the pipe down to the rubber hose making it all soft and gooey therefore perishing eventually .

There are plenty and plenty of this stuff , and it has been going on for years and years and i mean 2000 years  ;D

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