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Rigol DG1022 AFG modified CSV


I have a recently bought Rigol DG1022 AFG and I'm having trouble trying to get the PC based software to accept a CSV file that has been aquired from a Rigol DS1052E DSO and modified in excel.
What could I be doing wrong here?


Almost anything. If it's like the agilent software then it's very picky about the CSV format.

For me, Excel tended to put a lot of extra commas in the CSV file where there were empty cells in a column that had a value in it somewhere. The Agilent software hated that. Open the CSV file in notepad (or similar) and compare it to a known-good file.

I'll give that a try when I have a chance. Comparing files on a byte level might tell me where excel is making the critical alterations. I'll use winhex.

found this old thread, but... no need to compare byte level for csv format, its just a simple plain comma separated text, do it in notepad instead of winhex is enough. see ya!


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