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Rigol DS1052E as a DAQ

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Hi, I just saw the review of DS1052E and read some of the comments. I just had some questions before I hit the buy button.
Can the scope be used as a data acquisition device? Any limitations?
The intention is to acquire some analog data and manipulate it in a software like labview or matlab.
Can this scope be used to debug buses like I2C, SPI, USB?

Well its pretty easy to save data to USB drive and then get it on pc, long memory helps. I didnt used PC software tho (i dont need it)

There's a MSO version with a logic analyzer.  I think that this version can be hacked to include it, there are photographs and circuit diagrams of the head.  The firmware for the MSO is posted on the net also, I'm just a little afraid to install it.

As Xani said, it's easy to save the data onto a memory stick and import into the PC, although I have not actually tried sucking the raw data into another package yet.

The problem with using a DSO in this way is that it's only 8 bit resolution. If that is adequate for your needs then go for it, otherwise you'll need a proper data logger with better resolution.

The Rigol does not have built in serial protocol triggering, but you can still use it for serial debugging of course because of it's big memory.


Also, u can't record more than 50s worth of data, so u can't just set it up to record every second and get few hours of logging. But for things like that its better to get multimeter with USB/RS232 out, or even hook some micro with builtin a/d to pc as simple recorder

Edit. 50s/div, my mistake so its 50s x 12


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