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Rigol DS1052E has no Ultrazoom logo

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   I just noticed that my new rigol DS1052E oscilloscope doesn't have the Ultra-zoom logo on the top sticker, I'm pretty confident that its not a counterfeit, it looks exactly like the ones online and Dave's except for that. Its firmware looks exactly like Dave's and it came in a Rigol stamped box, with Rigol packaging tape unopened. It also has the certificate of calibration, Rigol software CD etc. the internals have the same shielding visible, but I'd rather not open it.

Is it just an older model ? (FW 2.02) or just from Rigolna (China) instead of Rigol (USA).

Everything seems to work fine, what does the Ultra-zoom do exactly, how would I know if i had it or not ?

I noticed that too. I got mine from a US distributor with a US power cord. No "Ultra Zoom" sticker. Actually that's good! I thought it looked silly. And the Delayed Trigger is sure nicer than on my old Tek455.

btw  Rigol is not USA.  Rigol ( is in China.

rigolna is some foreign country.

After some days (maybe beginning of next week I wait more these from China) This time I strongly believe they are with FW02.02.SP2.

If there is some counterfeit they are not 1052E's.
They maybe are 1102E's (made from 1052E) if there are any.

(Inside China example 1000RMB is good money... maybe (not accurate) same purchasing power for living things as 1000USD or more in some ( noname western) country or something like this...  so making some "business" is littlebit different... here we can think that not so good business to get some few dollars ...  )

My scope DS1052E arrived last month directly from Rigol NA as it was drop shipped. It has no Ultrazoom logo either.

Gents: Is there an ultra-zoom definition somewhere. Have one with ans the second ... who knows..


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