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This is not totally off-topic, since there is some interesting microwave stuff in the paper, especially in section 3.
I post this link, to a very well-written paper (without YouTube handwaving or animations) about the recent announcement of imaging a super-massive black hole that appears to be the center of our galaxy.
Those only interested in the history should peruse the nice introduction section that discusses theoretical and experimental discoveries along the way.

Veritasium posted video few hours ago:

It's a huge collaborative project, with a list of participants and funding acknowledgements to match.
Note that Xilenx got a specific acknowledgement for donating FPGAs.

I suspect that the image is more a circular argument (ie based on dogma) rather than a true image.
If it is a true-ish image, then i suspect that that kind of image can be made by a black-ish hole rather than the silly Einsteinian mafia singularity.
Me myself i dont believe in singularity blackholes.
My version of aether theory says that blackholes are impossible, but that black-ish say brown holes exist.
My brown hole (not meant to be funny) might show as an image with a black center koz the central part would be very dim rather than black.
And of course in creating their blackhole image they would always make the center black, even if it aint, koz we all know that it must be so.

I subscribe to the Sky Scholar youtube. Pierre Marie Robitaille is my hero. So is Stephen Crothers.
Here are some of their youtubes.


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