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Samsung EVO 840 SSD
« on: October 16, 2014, 01:37:04 am »
Just a heads up for anyone with this drive.

I have one which has racked up about 5k power on hours. For a while I have thought the performance had gotten crap. Particularly noticeable on disk image backup which used to be limited by the write speed of the target drive at around 120MB/s and recently has been limited to around 25MB/s by read speed from the EVO 840 source.

Today completely by accident I stumbled across the cause which turns out to be crappy/buggy firmware reading old data multiple times or with different thresholds or something. Before applying the fix I backed up about 40GB from one of the drive's partitions just using OS file copy. As a test I did the same copy after applying the fix and the average transfer speed was 4 times higher.

Description of the problem with links to the "Performance Restoration Tool" here

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