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Sharing some project planning phase: A (digital) ELECTRO-MECHANICAL Network

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Haha, coppercone2, it's very NICE to have a 'fan',
...besides the stray cats I tend to, around here (lol).
   That rounded case, well that's copied from a Nesquik Chocolate container, yellow plastic, very rounded.
Space-Ready ?  Maybe me too.

   You (must) become a 'Packaging' guy, if you want to survive, in the 'Eddukasion field'.  ...uh, thats 'Edukation'...uh...
Anyway, I tried pretending to be an ARTIST, that didn't work.  Its a struggle, against basic Uglyness, and aging...(But I usually don't have to look at myself, lol).
   I use the plastic container, out back, picking up my POT smoking remnants, so KIDs can't get to it.

Finally, back to work, it's maybe mundane, but necessary...necessary for the fabrication phase to be STABLE, if not accurate. (My machine shop skills are pretty sloppy: + or - 1 mm....terrible).

   But at least stable, someone could 'stand on' the contraption, so things, (Scoping the sub-second mechanical action), at least repeatable.

   That clear plastic column gives a 'third' mounting, and the other two utilize pre-threaded mounting posts, from the 'walking robot dog' toy, I've commandeered.

   Much of the worktime consists of shuffling around (the workshop), looking for glasses, or, especially:
   "...WHERE's my little Phillips ?...?....".     (screwdriver).
We all get that.
   Right now, I'm trying to remember:. Somebody POSTED info, on conversion of TIME, to Voltage, for checking things...that might help me, using two wires, stone knives, and wooden sticks, to measure LAB stuff during product development.
   That blob of plastic, on a green base, is my ROCK STAR, for the season...(guess I don't get out, much, lol).

   Getting close, to measuring crude start-stop pulses...
(On the generic Mechanical Commutator).


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