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Professor Fudge:
Here are a bunch of the multimeters I have had throughout my life.

On the left is my first one I got as a kid from my dad. I did some projects with the boy scouts with it. Its a Hung Chang HC-213.
Next is a GB Instruments GDT-11 I got as a teenager to put together an intercom kit and trouble shoot a doorbell with.
The green one is a Greenlee DM-40 home depot special cheapo meter I use to check mains voltage at work. I also use the ohms and continuity on it.

The big yellow one on the end is what I purchased recently for $40 on ebay. Its a BK test bench 389.
I have been using it building a bunch of kits and just starting to really learn about electronics and I like it!

Ok now show me what you got!!

dare we ? you might get upset when you see those lovely flukes, I have the VC99 and the AM220

Mine Uni-T UT71A, Sunwa DT-890G, Sanwa YX-360TRD (Analog), and other dead DMMs (similar to your GB Instruments GDT-11) ;D



Seriously, I have two Fluke 77's that are probably 20 years old, work great, are still in cal, and I see no need to replace them.
(and yes, that's really one of my meters in the photo)

Personally , after all this gear that I recently own or build , about  multimeters accuracy verification,
I do not throw my hat , if I do not test first the meter .

I am less sentimental ..  :) 


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