Author Topic: So whadayaknow.....flukes really do bounce quite well! Thankfully....phew!  (Read 605 times)

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I was messing about on my bench with some stuff today when a swivelled round to get another box and caught my 289 sweet! Real went flying! It was up on the tilting bail so was a nice big target for me to catch properly with my elbow! It made an awful thud as I caught it then even worse as it landed half bouncing and half skidding on the wooden floor. I feared the worst and thought it was done for!
It fell about 850mm so not quite a meter but it flew horizontally well over a meter! The first i knew about it was the whack as i hit it so it was a full on elbow to the face for my 289, poor fella! Or so i thought!
I am happy to report the meter is fine! Not even a mark! To say i am delighted is....well ya know??  :phew:  :D
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Fluke makes a fairly robust meter.

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My Fluke 73 hasn't done too well for 30+ years, unfortunately a big chunk of plastic on the front half of the case broke off and now it's held in place with some Araldite, nice grey super hard Araldite that matches the case colour nicely. Damn it, I hope the battery doesn't run out any time soon, it will need a lot of work with a hacksaw blade, scalpel and maybe a dremel to get the case halves apart. Grrr. There's a good spot about a third of the way up from the bottom of the meter just above where it says WARNING, maybe I could cut the back case half there  :phew: Bonus, I only have to undo two screws to the back off  :palm:

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.... and as if once wasn't enough:

But what it took to get to that state...!

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