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Solar panel testing by energizing them


Hi! While I was roaming on YTI've found a guy who showed a pretty "clever" method of how we can test a solar panel that appears to be with the naked eye in very good condition, but...under an IR camera the whole story is different.

Video link:

Very cool.

Now to look around and see if there are any cameras that can be easily modified

Or just use a regular camera and buy an IR cutoff filter as the guy in the video above did.

Looks like there are people out there that test those solar panels even in the field, check the photo below.

This might be a great video ideea for Dave, I guess  :)

See here, I tested defective solar panels with this method. (in french)

A filter placed in front of the lens cannot work, the internal filter must be removed.

Many inexpensive security cameras have a night mode that uses a solenoid to move the filter out of the way, in many of these you can also turn off the IR illuminator, so no modification needed.


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