Author Topic: Those funny looking 'Resistor' shaped Inductors!!  (Read 282 times)

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Those funny looking 'Resistor' shaped Inductors!!
« on: April 16, 2020, 02:42:52 pm »
Most people may have seen/used them. My rapidly dwindling EyeSight (and Brainpower!) causes me many problems now! I'm talking about the little buggers that 'look' like 1/4 W Resistors, except their outer body is sort of a greenish/aqua colour!! There are 4 colour band & 3 colour band versions. (Australia uses 'Colour' not 'Color' xox). The 4-colour bands have the same colour order as resistors. Bands 1 & 2 indicate uH, with band 3 being the multiplier. The 4th band is a unique system of accuracy/tolerance.   The 3 band devices do NOT show a Multiplier, and the 3rd band is just an 'accuracy'.

When I'm playing with certain circuit designs/tests, I have/use quite a lot of special Boards to plug into a circuit. (And YES, (joking!), I have SPECIAL leads that introduce NO Capacitance/Inductance/Resistance into the circuit! haha..). Small decade resistance boxes, Electrolytic & general capacitors, and Inductors, to substitute in circuits, like the following photo of a gang of Inductors from 1 to 1000 uH...

Obviously, an Inductor must comprise of a series of windings, and I thought it was interesting when I found a YouTube video where someone had broken one apart!! to show the fine windings inside. The English & Dialog is bad, but it is what it is!!   8)

Interesting note, that he keeps talking about a LEAD Inductor, (like Lead the Metal), but he should be pronouncing it LEED, because these Inductors have Leads (Leeds) attached, like resistors!!
Diagonal of 1x1 square = Root-2. Ok.
Diagonal of 1x1x1 cube = Root-3 !!!  Beautiful !!
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