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Someone went crazy with the silicone

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My notebook's charger thing died a while back and today I decided to scrap it for parts but someone decided to fill it to the brim with RTV. I bought it as a "Dell original" from a third party site but I doubt it is.

That looks about right for a Dell charger, I've taken apart a couple.

The silicone is used en-masse because chargers get dropped and shipping isn't always friendly, this reduces the chance of a fractured joint for some of the larger components.  Also it probably helps damp any microphonic effects from inductors/transformers.

Probably a little excessive in your case but better more than less generally.

Even the silk screen says "Glue Rubber". I thought Apple were adhesive maniacs.

I suspect that's some thermal coupling strategy, that also keeps the bill of materials down. Think yourself lucky they didn't fill all voids with expanding foam.

Looks somebody's kid brought silly putty to the assembly line that day  :-DD


"Misery loves company."

Removal tips appreciated in advance.


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