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Spammers attacking

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Dave, you're finally famous :D

List of spammers

Forget about the list, there's probably tens of them. Just had a look at newest members, and most of those with websites are suspicious..
You might want to consider adding CAPTCHA to the registration form.

There is a captcha, and a human response question as well, but they still get through, and it's getting worse.
I'll have to look into some extra anti-spam plugin's.


They published a workaround to violate the SMF captcha barrier so they are useless now.

In our SMF forum there are 3 or 4 spammers registering per day. They can't activate their accounts because they use fake emails and they don'r receive the activation links. They don't cause any harm for now and from time to time I ban them to avoid further damages.  ;D

I'd recommend to send an activation email so that only real people can register. Normally, spammers are bots. And it's a good idea to install some antispam add-ons.


--- Quote from: migsantiago on August 13, 2010, 02:22:43 pm ---
In our SMF forum

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¬°Esta muy bueno ese foro, gracias!


--- Quote from: Donald8098 on August 13, 2010, 04:11:57 pm ---
- Finally i found this through google



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How ironic is that? :D


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