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Switched-Mode Power Supplies

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Hi all,
I have managed to bag my first ever electronics engineer interview next week  ;D and one of the areas that came up in the job role was switched-mode power supplies. I understand the basic principles but have never had any direct involvement with the design of such devices. I am sure I will know a lot more by the time of the interview (in case it comes up) but has anyone got any useful tips/information on the subject?


Funny that, I was just contemplating doing a very quick blog on switched mode power supplies and how they differ (not so much) from linear supplies, as a filler unti lI get my butt into gear and finish the meter shootout.
Doesn't mean I will, but it's on the tip of my tongue...


That would be great if you did! Pretty please?  ;) As far as I am aware the main disadvantage of linear supplies is the loses caused through dissipation of the excess power.


If you do this blog I would like to see some information regarding the feedback loops and stability issues with some switchers due to phase and gain responses of these loops.

Maybe a bit much for a basic switcher blog but just and idea.


Anything on power factor correction would also be appreciated!


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