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Take it apart! . . . dot net?


Found this site today, so I had to post it up here.

Take It Apart dot net - Dissecting electronic gadgetry. Just for fun.

I imagined a partnership with logos on each site like "This site approved by Dave Jones!", and "This site approved by!".

Also, is available, but who'd want to do that?


Looks like they just repost other peoples videos. No original content?


Not sure I would go here for any reason.  When I look for dissections all you need do is google 'tear down' or strip down etc., or such synonym and you can find diverse places were such dissections are done, plus the the original thread as to why they did it.

The important thing is to do the tear down, and make sure google indexes your site so anyone can find it, not to collect it in one site, because finding them all will be impossible.

I agree guys, it's not very useful, it's just the name that caught my eye.

Truly, I never even thought to look for instructions on disassembly online. I've been doing it most of my life, and I'm sure most of us can say the same! ;D


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