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Title: TDA2030A
Post by: GigaJoe on August 07, 2018, 02:00:22 am
Figureout finally ( probably, I think ... , maybe)

so TDA2030A - obsolete , but still a lot on market (as relabeled) and, I find-out a Chinese clone actually as :
it was designed in 2004 ... and still in prod.
PDF: basically translation of the original TDA2030a , absolutely the same numbers/parameters ...

there are 2 diff packages, or 2 diff manuf. (or maybe 3 diff ...)

the good thing:
it definitely not a fake or counterfeit chip  :)
and it would be fun, as soon as I will receive a package,  due to cost around  12 cents per chip ....

(interesting ....  wonder if possible to use it in a  power supply,  like make a power supply, or splitting , or even 4-quadrant .... hmm )

Title: Re: TDA2030A
Post by: CJay on August 07, 2018, 07:00:53 am
I've used loads of the TDA2030 amplifiers for radios, test amps, even an AM modulator. They're not 'HiFi' by and reasonable standard but they're pretty good for the price.

Will be interesting to try a few of the Chinese clones (I probably already have if they've been remarked as ST),