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Technical things overlap the political topics, unfortunately.

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Hello there, hope all readers doing well today.
   I'm noticing some conflict emerging, partly due to it being election season, already started this month in U.S.
Both major US parties have officially begun campaigns this month (Sept. 2023), 14 months before scheduled elections.
Likely there will be more things, coming out of the woodwork, as they say.
Doing some thinking, but I can't come up with any good suggestions, or EEVBLOG forum rule changes.

   My sympathy to the moderators, here; likely only going to get worse, for a bit of time.
Some post, in (locked) thread, above did mention this dynamic, coming whether ready or not.

   Maybe a good start, would be to skip the trashing, of the thread originators, while simultaneously LOCKING their thread.

   (I should have named this 'LOCK THIS ONE' provocative style, as sarcasm employed many years ago, (by radical author Abbe Hoffman, 1968 book 'STEAL THIS BOOK!'. ).


--- Quote from: RJSV on September 25, 2023, 12:08:24 am ---Maybe a good start, would be to skip the trashing, of the thread originators, while simultaneously LOCKING their thread.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, why not, let 'em post whatever they want and then lock others from responding.

For a good start I would ban the OP on the spot, he's clearly up to no good :box:

I wouldn't worry. Dave seems to have been a bit more relaxed about this recently.

Many things are political: regulations which affect product design/standards, big tech censorship, diversity, inclusivity and equity training etc.

Normally a thread will either run its course, or will get locked if it gets out of hand. I don't see the problem.

   Thanks for replies.  I figure, for now, if I can't suggest a better way, managing the traffic flow, can least express the desire for ALL those active to obtain some positive reinforcement.

   Some participants here are experiencing some bewildering trends, that, as my title suggests, that often involves technology, and some very blatent misuse / ignorance.  You could ask; What groups had the most skepticism when covid outbreak started impacting (businesses) ?
Answer to that is that the folks who have lived through other similar situations, being talked down to, by a fake 'science expert'.

My own case, of massive frustration in America, is somewhat impacted / worsened by those closest to me;  Roommates and neighbors constantly obsessed with their hate-speech TV channels blaring the most juvenile, gossipy junk,  often termed as 'Tsnami of lies'.  That's part of why EEVBLOG has to moderate, a task harder than it looks, I bet!
Certainly, we should have a moderator function 'fairly', skipping the obvious posts that 'seem' to comply with forum rules.
Case in point:
   'Elon Musk is a nice chap'.   Talk about evading the rules ! (In spirit).

There are millions of sites oriented toward politics, we don't need to add EEVBlog to the list.  Unless a thread touches directly on electronics (and I mean DIRECTLY) dump it and ban the author.  If threads start out properly and devolve into politics, lock it as soon as possible and note the contributor that first
drove it off the rails.  A couple of these diversions and ban the contributor.

Let's try to keep EEVBlog 'politics free'.  Yes, I know I would have been banned years ago...

It's going to get ugly over the next 16 months or so (and possibly beyond), let's don't port it to


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