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TENMA electronic gears


Anyone know what's the deal with TENMA electronic gears being on the cheap side?

Its often rebadged gear from someone else.  If you find the original maker you can find it even cheaper:

This TENMA 8 MHz scope was $430 at Amazon.

The Uni-t is $140 at eBay, + $35 S&H.

TENMA is a brand of Farnell. I have never seen something original under the TENMA brand, only rebranded products.

Sometimes it is funny when you find the same item twice in the Farnell shop, under the original brand, and under then TENMA brand. I have no idea why they do that, or why they at all think they must rebrand some things under their own brand. Maybe a brainfart of some MBA.

I've got a Tenma soldering station. Its actually not that bad. Much better than the equivalent weller soldering station and for a lower price.


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