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Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) info - interesting stuff!

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CCS to Chademo is not easy because Chademo requires the charging side to supply 12VDC to provide various signals - in theory to activate the contactors in the battery pack (though this might just be a logic-level input on some vehicles.)

You would therefore need a small battery in the CCS adapter, which could charge from the 400VDC when available, so that it could provide the 12VDC.  CCS does not provide any DC power besides the HVDC, and it provides only a few mA on control signals before it has authorised/powered up.

The opposite way around is 'easier' (and Tesla did make one - not sure if they still do).  The 12VDC there is actually very useful, they use a simple boost converter to push the DC terminals up to 400VDC which helps one of the isolation tests complete.  Not sure why that's not needed for CCS, but the Tesla Chademo adapter certainly isn't/wasn't a simple bit of kit.

Really - we should all just be using CCS - it's a bit like Beta vs VHS now - they each had their distinct advantages and disadvantages but it's clear CCS has won.   IMO the big advantage is a combined AC/DC charging port makes packaging much easier, and CCS has active support for 350kW whereas Chademo is still stuck at 200kW (and most stations are only 50kW - a few rare ones support 100kW but with the Leaf being capped at 55kW and being pretty much the only customer *ahem* except for a brand-new Lexus SUV for some reason, there's no demand for any more really.)


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