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Texas Instruments XDS200 USB Debug Probe

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I bought this device from RS in the UK believing it was a TI part. I have hardly used it and it has failed during a firmware probe check. So now I am in the position of having a bricked XDS200. RS wont help me as its just over a year old. The actual manufacture is Blackhawk-Dsp / Corelis and they are blanking me. And because I am retired (no company clout anymore) I cannot contact Texas Instruments even via E2E. Its a TI reference design.
I am at a loss what to do. Just proves that RS are box shifters and quite honestly I wish I had bought from AliExpress
Any suggestions?

Buy another one, return it.

Nice suggestion but the serial number is logged.
I really cannot understand how RS get away with huge mark ups yet provide zilch technical support. They should have a workshop and the ability to re flash kit as a minimum.
Anyone else feel powerless being outwith a corporate structure?

RS logs the serial numbers when they sell them? That would be a surprise.

Can the case be swapped over without breaking any seals.

As part of my support request to RS the serial number was logged. All that I am asking of RS is to put pressure on Blackhawk DSP for a remedy but they dont want to know


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